Historic Jasmine Plantation Wedding | New Kent, Virginia Wedding Photographer

The land between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia is like something out of a fairy tale.  Take Route 5 along the James River and in some spots, it almost feels like you’ve time traveled back to a century before when the countryside was dotted with plantations as lovely as you’ve ever seen and rich fields of green and gold sway in the warm summer breeze.  Historic Jasmine Plantation is just one of those places, with the long straight drive surrounded by fields that long ago held the dreams of the families who owned them, whose roots ran as deep on the property as the old oak trees.  Venues like this really create a strong sense of family, commitment and devotion.

They were a big surprise.  The diamond earrings Graham gave his bride on their wedding day really weren’t supposed to happen.  She had been keeping close tabs on him lately with all the planning and hubbub, and couldn’t possibly imagine when he had time to pull off such an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift.  Those tears weren’t the only ones that fell but they were probably the most heartfelt.  Besides the surprise First Look, of course.  Sam had a few of those up her sleeve as well.  And then they were both crying…probably right along with me behind my camera!  It was one of the more genuine First Look’s I’ve ever been a part of and now that I’ve seen the power of it, I’d highly recommend it.

To say the grounds of Jasmine Plantation were beautiful is simply an understatement.  It has so much loveliness packed into an intimate space that I can’t wait to go back.  It was a challenge trying to narrow down the spots where I wanted to shoot portraits because there were too many fabulous options.  It was just our luck that the Kwanzan cherry tree was in full blooming glory that day and with the adorable vintage cart, I was just in photographer heaven.  So much prettiness to see here…enjoy!

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