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Richmond, VA Baby Photographer

My favorite moments lately have been spent capturing real life moments in my clients lives, surrounded by love in their home, with their favorite things and their very favorite people. As much as I love seeing those perfectly posed “baby as art” images from fellow photographers and can appreciate how much work and effort goes into creating those images, the lifestyle photography is what truly touches my heart and makes me incredibly happy. There is just something about it that speakes to me…and I’m loving every minute of it!
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  • Lyndell Grafton

    Absolutely stunning! These pictures were so touching that I found myself crying.

  • Thank you so much, Lyndell! Such a beautiful family with lots of love!

  • Hollie Dyson

    Beautiful photos!

  • Laura Matthews

    These are gorgeous, Rebecca!

  • Thank you so much, Jamie!

  • Jamie L Carter

    Stunning work, Rebecca! Love them all!

  • Barbara Allen Bennardo

    What a beautiful story.

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